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Feb 2016
Feb 20 2016 13:02 UTC
Is there a difference between ipdb's post mortem and just embedding ipython in an exception handler?
Min RK
Feb 20 2016 13:17 UTC
@ignamv ipdb can traverse the stack, which vanilla IPython cannot.
Commands like up, down, etc.
That's the main difference.
If you are just interested in "let me run some code right here", then plain IPython is fine (and what I typically use).
Feb 20 2016 13:20 UTC
but I can run %debug in ipython
and have those commands
as long as I assign sys.last_traceback = sys.exc_info()2 in the exception handler
I'm asking because I have a proprietary program with python macros which doesn't give me a terminal
and embedding an ipython kernel allows me to have a terminal using "jupyter console --existing"
Min RK
Feb 20 2016 13:45 UTC
Then it should be fine to embed an IPython kernel.