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Feb 2016
Pavel Koneski
Feb 24 2016 03:45
Pavel Koneski
Feb 24 2016 03:55

For years I have been using Python variables in %magic and !shell commands, like:

x = 1
!echo $x

But suddenly, after upgrading to IPython 4, it stopped working. Both $x and {x} are being passed literally to the magic. I've checked the docs and it still says this functionality is supported. Am I missing some configuration option to enable back variable expansion? (I'm using IPython 4.0.0 from Anaconda 2.4.0 on OS X Yosemite).

sumit sinha
Feb 24 2016 04:44
i need help on django
i have install django on my ubuntu
but i am unable to start my server
installing time i am able to use admin panal
and can anyone help me how to start new apps and how i will develop new project using django
if anyone have documents regarding developments so please share with me
Min RK
Feb 24 2016 08:36
@BCSharp variable expansion like that should still be working (and is, when I test). Do you have any IPython config? Can you upgrade IPython to latest (4.1, I believe)?
@sumitsinha91 this is a chat room for IPython. Perhaps you are looking for a django help room?
sumit sinha
Feb 24 2016 17:53
whats is difference with ipython and django .....can you explain me i want to know
Pavel Koneski
Feb 24 2016 19:31
@minrk Thanks for the tip. Indeed, the upgrade to IPython 4.1.1 helped. The problem is gone.