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Feb 2016
Jonathan Frederic
Feb 28 2016 23:07 UTC
@epifanio I haven't forgot about getting ipywidgets to work in your hub deployment
I'll have some time tomorrow to help again
Feb 28 2016 23:08 UTC
@jdfreder thank you! i stopped at the installation step when node is tring to do something with my rss keys passphrase
Ryan Morshead
Feb 28 2016 23:16 UTC
@minrk ipython/ipykernel@25591f8
Ryan Morshead
Feb 28 2016 23:27 UTC
This should reproduce the issue:
import sys

class Importer(object):

    def find_module(self, fullname, path=None):


import numpy
just updated to the most recent kernel, and this issue seems to be resolved