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Mar 2016
Mar 15 2016 02:43

Hmm, @minrk @willingc I am still seeing “Kernel died before replying to kernel_info” errors for my python 3 builds, e.g.

quoted from @jhamrick:

I have seen a similar issue recently. Does anybody know what the resolution was (if there is one yet)?

Jessica B. Hamrick
Mar 15 2016 03:29
@jakirkham it should have been fixed with the 4.2.2 release, in this PR: jupyter/jupyter_client#141
Mar 15 2016 03:32
Ah, currently only jupyter_client 4.2.1 is in conda so this could be the issue I am running into. Thanks @jhamrick.
Mar 15 2016 05:43
Yep, that fixed my issue, as well.
Carol Willing
Mar 15 2016 16:25
@jakirkham Thanks for fielding @jhamrick’s question. @jhamrick, @parente has been doing a great job on kernel_gateway keeping an eye on Travis.