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Mar 2016
Jason K. Moore
Mar 17 2016 00:09 seems to be down.
seems to be working now
not sure what happened
Mar 17 2016 00:58
do I use %run to run a nose test within ipython console?
in other words in want to execute this command from the console : nosetests
on shell/command prompt it works, but in IPython console it gives me an error
Aparna P L
Mar 17 2016 16:46
I am getting the following error when i am importing cv2 : /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: sqlite3_column_table_name
How do i solve it ?
Min RK
Mar 17 2016 16:55
How did you install OpenCV?
Aparna P L
Mar 17 2016 16:57
I followed the steps given in "Option 2:" of this site :