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Mar 2016
Paul van der Linden
Mar 18 2016 17:47
Is there any way to easily get logging from the kernel? I have a problem were the kernel seems to be unresponsive, but only in the test code, and not always. It is probably my code, but I'm trying to work out where things go wrong. I send things on a websocket, into the zmq channel, then expect something to come back on the zmq channel, but sometimes that doesn't work. Not to sure if it never arrived or it never replied
Remi Rampin
Mar 18 2016 18:30
I'm a bit surprised that the IPython project and repo still exists. What is the relation with Jupyter? What is the difference between ipython and jupyter console for instance?
Min RK
Mar 18 2016 18:30
IPython's not going anywhere. IPython provides a kernel for Jupyter, and a terminal interface for IPython.
Jupyter console is a multiprocess client for any Jupyter kernel, including IPython.
All the stuff for making Python interactive - magics, completion, etc. are and continue to be IPython.
Jupyter's the UI and the protocol - everything excluding the execution.
@pvanderlinden if you add --debug to the args passed to the kernel in the kernel spec, it should log more.