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Apr 2016
Min RK
Apr 04 2016 01:04 UTC
I haven't seen that, but with the 5.0 changed, I absolutely believe that I introduced something that's not releasing handles on something.
I'm not at a computer right now, but if you could open an Issue with some reproduction code, I'll see if I can track it down when I get the chance.
Also make sure to note OS, pyzmq, and Python version.
Apr 04 2016 06:43 UTC
windows x64: I can't change the font size for ipython qtconsole
I changed c.IPythonWidget.font_size = 16
but it does nothing
(I confirmed that the file is being run by ipython. when I add deliberate syntax errors, they show up in qtconsole)
sumit sinha
Apr 04 2016 08:41 UTC
how to print json value
i am using r.json
using ipython
In [42]: import requests In [43]: r = requests.get('') In [44]: r.json Out[44]: <bound method Response.json of <Response [403]>> In [45]:
sumit sinha
Apr 04 2016 10:00 UTC
how to use xlwt ....
Apr 04 2016 14:30 UTC
I am trying to run the exact piece of code that I found on this library : but the calling to the function IFrame displays nothing at all (even not an error statement)! I am using Canopy on Windows 10, and the python's version is 2.7.10, the Ipython's version is 4.1.2