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Apr 2016
Maksim Grinman
Apr 07 2016 00:01
@haraldschilly which log would I check? In the console after 'jupyter notebook' I see no errors. Regarding tensorflow, I am using 0.7 but the notebook is working generally besides the code blocks that I am adding. The ones pre-existing in the notebook run fine.
Maksim Grinman
Apr 07 2016 00:22
@haraldschilly I came back 1 day later and the result has finally appeared in the output of my code block. No idea what took it so long to compute 5+5
Apr 07 2016 02:18
Hi, I got access to a jupyter notebook where I’m a simple user (non admin) I saw the hub is not configured to use ipyparallel. Is there a way, as normal user, to reconfigure my notebook to use ipyparallel?
what I want is to start a cluster from the notebook interface

oh! I found the answer :) nice .. all I had to do is:

pip install -U ipyparallel —user
.local/bin/ipcluster nbextension enable

then stop/start myserver :)

Matthias Bussonnier
Apr 07 2016 16:52
@jwadsager it's not the wrong place, just stating in general for the channel we are considering moving away from gitter.