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Apr 2016
sumit sinha
Apr 12 2016 05:04
anyone can help me on python testing....
Is there any likelihood we will ever see single step debugging?
I'm looking at ... This is really new right? So you've created a separate project purely to use GitHub's issue tracker functionality so that user questions that don't contribute to the actual core dev can be sidelined... Is this a correct reading?
I'm working with another technology, JUCE, which has an ongoing discussion of how to best interact with the community so I'm interested in possible solutions. My feeling is that there is a place for IRC/Gitter style conversation, stuff which is meant to be fleeting. And there is a place for forum or issue tracker style stuff, which needs to be preserved and organised.
Sylvain Corlay
Apr 12 2016 17:41
That is right, we found gitter too transient
and our project is spanned over dozens of repos
people don't know where to post issues.
My feeling is that having both would keep the permanent resources clean and uncluttered.
Sylvain Corlay
Apr 12 2016 17:42
and the one gitter room per github project makes too many rooms
impossible to keep track of.
I suppose you could create a dummy project with its own Gitter room which acts as a master.
In fact why not do that for the ?
And just funnel every gitter into that?
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I think that 's could do with stating its mission objective right at the start. "This repo exists in order to provide user support for all Jupyter projects via the issue tracker (and gitter??)."
Min RK
Apr 12 2016 21:16
I don't think people help questions as cluttering the dev discussion, and separating the two is not the issue we are trying to address.
The main issue we have with help chat here is that it's not indexed, so people don't benefit from others having dealt with the same situation before.
Min RK
Apr 12 2016 21:22
Also, the gitter repo model doesn't fit very well for our organization, which has quite a few repos, and conversations (help or dev) rarely map cleanly to repos.