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May 2016
Min RK
May 18 2016 07:19
@tc0312 yes, it's single threaded. It will not process the shutdown request until it has completed processing the execution.
Jason Grout
May 18 2016 15:56
@tc0312 - there is discussion for having a separate supervisor process that would be able to shut down a kernel independent of what the kernel is doing (
Alex Man
May 18 2016 18:40

Thanks guys.
We are implementing 'sparkmagic' kernel that requires session cleanup when it quits. We are using it with Jupyter. We ended up hacking Jupyter to send SIGTERM along with "shutdown_message" to the kernel. Our kernel will listen to SIGTERM and do proper cleanup.

At some point we need to add a feature to cancel existing statement, Kernel Nanny seems to support that