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Jun 2016
Jason Grout
Jun 08 2016 01:51
I thought there was work recently to support dragging and dropping, but maybe (a) I'm imagining things, or (b) it's not released yet
Jun 08 2016 18:07
what about this low hanging but not falling Ipyparallel-5.1 ? there seems just a cosmetic fix of wording holding it.
Jun 08 2016 20:17
<3 thanks !
Min RK
Jun 08 2016 20:55
@stonebig nothing's in the way other than me doing the release. I'll do it tomorrow.
Nathan Dunsworth
Jun 08 2016 23:52
is there a config option to get the old style tab completions?
not much of a fan for the new drop down list and prefer when all were printed out