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Jul 2016
Jul 17 2016 00:06

Hey is there a way to expand the text used in the %paste command? Such as if I have

In [1]:  %paste
    <code pasted in>

then I scroll up I can access the <code pasted in> directly?

I feel like with the new multiline editing this would be really handy
Min RK
Jul 17 2016 03:49
@asalt I don't think it's available now, but I think we can change how we put pastes in the history, now that we have multi-line editing to make this feasible.
I have wanted this as well.
Jul 17 2016 17:39
Hi, why does ipynb files get so big? Currently i just have a few cells with a few bokeh plots and my ipynb file is almost 50MB. What is it saving in there beside my code?
Min RK
Jul 17 2016 19:42
The bokeh plots can get quite large.