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Jul 2016
Tomas Ostasevicius
Jul 25 2016 15:25


I'm trying to setup the ipyparallel cluster over ssh with the following settings specified in the ~/.ipython/profile_ssh/

c.IPClusterEngines.engine_launcher_class = 'SSH'
c.IPClusterStart.controller_launcher_class = 'LocalControllerLauncher'
c.SSHControllerLauncher.controller_args = ['--reuse', '--ip=*']
c.SSHEngineSetLauncher.engines = {'<hostname-of-the-cluster>': 1,}

This seems to start as expected, creates the remote profiles, and I am able to connect, however I get no workers:

In [1]: import ipyparallel as ipp

In [2]: c = ipp.Client(profile='ssh')

In [3]: c
Out[3]: <ipyparallel.client.client.Client at 0x7fb9c0f96f98>

In [4]: c.ids
Out[4]: []

All pythons are setup from conda-forge and up to date. Any ideas what could be wrong?

probably pinging @minrk is best..?
and increasing the number of engines on the host does not change the situation