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Jul 2016
Chris Christodoulou
Jul 26 2016 08:14
Hi, I want to inspect a class in an ipython notebook.
I am running the following in this case:
from nltk.stem import PorterStemmer
but the format of the text I get is not nice to read:
(['class PorterStemmer(StemmerI):\n', '\n', ' ## --NLTK--\n', ' ## Add a module docstring\n', ' """\n', ' A word stemmer based on the Porter stemming algorithm.\n', '\n', ' Porter, M. \\"An algorithm for suffix stripping.\\"\n', ' Program 14.3 (1980): 130-137.\n',
Do you know a way to fix the formatting? Thanks!
Min RK
Jul 26 2016 09:18
IPython provides its own tools for calling this sort of thing, so you can do PorterStemmer? to get summary info, or PorterStemmer?? to see the source.
Chris Christodoulou
Jul 26 2016 09:37
thanks @minrk , it works PorterStemmer??shows the source