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Jul 2016
Jul 28 2016 04:57
hi, is there someone here?
Oleg Serbokryl
Jul 28 2016 06:54
hi, yep
Sylvain Corlay
Jul 28 2016 13:27
I have a quick question on ipython magics
is it possible to compute parts of the magics command in python and pass it as a variable?

specifically I would like to do

from pip import locations
include_dir = locations.distutils_scheme('foobar')['headers']

and then

%%cython --cplus -I[include_dir]
Min RK
Jul 28 2016 13:36
Variable given as {name} should be expanded
%%cython --cplus -I{include_dir}
Sylvain Corlay
Jul 28 2016 13:46
this works perfectly!