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Sep 2016 <-- In [10] I don't get a full backtrace. The first attribute-error tells me something is amiss deep within the bowels of numpy. But it isn't showing me which line of my code triggered the error.
I was expecting (&hoping) to get the entire call-stack.
The trace seems to be showing me that this line is failing but what is good way to suspend execution at that point and inspect variables?
I'm used to visual studio or Xcode where I can set breakpoints and single-step.
Can I drop into a REPL from IPython?
ok fixed! (2to3 issue). I'm still curious about REPL / debugging..
Also, does anyone know of any dynamic visualisation technology that works with an IPython notebook? I've been looking at glumpy but that doesn't support notebooks. .. I think there is a chance of this working, I just can't see how
Philip Durbin
Sep 11 2016 17:57
I would think d3js would work with it.