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Sep 2016
Min RK
Sep 14 2016 14:05
@amueller I think both ctrl-D and exit should leave pdb
@aggFTW can you give more details on your cell magic? I think the notebook UI includes local strings for completion, but if it doesn't define new variables in the user namespace, they won't be available for completion in other cells.
Andreas Mueller
Sep 14 2016 15:10
@minrk no, neither of them do. ctrl-D goes to the next trace (i.e. the next iteration of the loop the trace is in), exit just prints exit. I tried sys.exit, and it just tells you "sys.exit called"
Min RK
Sep 14 2016 15:32
Oh, weird. How are you entering it? Those worked for me, so I must be doing something different.
Andreas Mueller
Sep 14 2016 15:33
I ran TerminalPdb().set_trace()
try while True: TerminalPdb().set_trace()
and then try to exit
I thought that was the "right" way to set a trace with IPython
Mona Jalal
Sep 14 2016 18:50
how can I upload a file in ipython?
how can I upload a file in a Jupyter notebook?