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Sep 2016
Min RK
Sep 15 2016 08:39
@amueller the while True is the problem, I ting. set_trace() is exiting cleanly when you exit, which then enters the next loop and calls set_trace() again.



for i in range(3):

for example.

Sep 15 2016 12:42
whats the difference in functionality between TerminalPdb().set_trace() and pdb.set_trace() ?
Sep 15 2016 18:50
quick ipyparallel question.. (not sure if this is the best place for this). I am running ipyparallel on a cluster with pbs. Currently, I'm trying to run a batch job where it runs the jupyter notebook using jupyter nbconvert --ExecutePreprocessor. Anyway it looks like it's only using the cpus on one node (i'm calling 2 nodes with 16 cpus on each node). Any advice here? I'm using ipcontroller --ip="*" which i thought would fix that