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Sep 2016
Min RK
Sep 16 2016 07:59
@paulmicheletty you are likely on the right track, but it can take some doing to make sure everything starts up correctly on a PBS cluster.
Setting ip='*' is a good start, but cluster machines often have many network interfaces, and the connection IP might not guess the right one.
The safest bet is to manually select an IP that you know other work nodes can see.
One way to do this is with netifaces:
import netifaces
# assuming `en1` is the device you know is on the right network
c.HubFactory.ip = netifaces.ifaddresses('en1')[netifaces.AF_INET][0]['addr']
Ryan Grout
Sep 16 2016 21:49
Quick question: working with ipython 5.1 in the terminal (zsh) and having a hard time quickly navigating autocompletion. Is there a faster way to browse through the autocompletions without having to scroll through every item?
(I tried page up/page down and side arrows in attempt to hop across columns, pressing tab several times, but it seems that if I want to get to the next screen of autocompletions, I have to scroll through every item of the current screen.)
Jason Grout
Sep 16 2016 22:05
I think that's what I observed too
I think if you type the first few characters, it will continuously filter the list...
Ryan Grout
Sep 16 2016 22:37
That would be great, if I knew what I was looking for. I frequently use the autocomplete to explore objects.
William Ting
Sep 16 2016 22:58
How come when I run ipython3 it still loads the Python 2 interperter?