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Sep 2016
Sep 20 2016 09:55
hi everyone .. short question: I would like to export jupyter notebooks to latex with the python-part of the code as a pythontex environment what would be the easiest way to do that :)? basically I would like to \include{...} my ipython notebook in another document where I have the python code in a pythontex environment which takes the output and generates latex code (with sympy for example)
Julian Taylor
Sep 20 2016 12:56
hi, is there still a copy of the 0.11 era wiki around somewhere? I'm looking for the 0.11 migration guide ._.
Sep 20 2016 16:48
Hello, hope this room will be able to help, please can someone help my intuition on python args and **kwargs, just learnt it and I wanted to be sure I am right, so args is used when you intend to pass a list as an argument into a function later on, while kwargs is use when you intend to pass a dict into a function later, later here means while you input the arguments into the function created, *args allows you to pass in list values, while kwargs will allow you to pass in dict values.