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Sep 2016
Kevin Campbell
Sep 22 2016 00:44
@michaelaye the problem is getting a tempfile which is accessible via a URL
I'm looking at PyCharm, <-- it should be possible to get notebooks inside the IDE. But I can't see how to get started.
@michaelaye thanks, it looks like Spyder and PyCharm give me at least 2 alternatives.
Matt Knopp
Sep 22 2016 18:26
Hi, is this a good place for ipython_client and protocol questions? Or is there a better place?
Matt Knopp
Sep 22 2016 18:37

My question really boils down to: Is there a natural way within the protocol to split/partition large execute_results and/or display_data messages into smaller messages that could be streamed/reassembled later w/o having to allocate a heap equal to the data size. You might imagine I have a multi-gigabyte image, or perhaps more likely converting a data frame to CSV/JSON.

I realize that one option would be to write that data to disk rather than trying to pass it through the IOPUB. That might even be the best option but at the moment my security/resource model assumes that python is running in a container w/ a read only FS.