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Oct 2016
Oct 03 2016 01:53
Can I add something to the ipython kernel namespace from a cell_magic function?
I'm writing a cell magic that takes a chuck of C code and runs gcc on it, and I want to have some nice API to do some performance analysis,
as for now, this API is but I'd like to take some info from the cell and add an object
I know this is not explicit assignment though I think it could be quite useful to the user
any thoughts? or maybe any extensions out there that I can check out? Currently I'm using ipython-sql extension code as source of inspiration
but this codebase does not seem to add anything to the user local namespace
Min RK
Oct 03 2016 09:10
@D3f0 you can access the IPython user namespace as get_ipython().user_ns. Adding a variable can be get_ipython()).user_ns['name'] = x