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Oct 2016
Oct 22 2016 10:09
hi all
I was told to report this a bug
ril_export_www.html is 228kb big with 1190 lines like:
<li><a href="" time_added="1424841193" tags="">Index of /~amitp/game-programming</a></li>
I need to go through the whole file and apply re to get base url, which works as you can see from line 66 in normal python
should I report a bug somewhere or am I doing something wrong?
Oct 22 2016 10:16
kek, seems like the re is making a lot of mess
without the definition of:
re_http_link = re.compile = ".*(http://[\w.-]+)"
reading ril_data works fine
I am idiot
re_http_link = re.compile(".*(http://[\w.-]+)") is correct
don't code drunk kids, or at least review the code after :D