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Nov 2016
Jason Grout
Nov 17 2016 05:13

My feeling after a year of split is that I really wish widgets javascript was served by the kernel, from the Python package.

I'm not so sure - that seems like it would lead to lots of duplication when you have multiple kernels on a page.

Min RK
Nov 17 2016 13:30
I know, there's plenty of reasons not to do it. But it seems to me to be the only way to guarantee that the kernel gets the right version of its counterpart on the frontend.
The experience right now is pretty rough when the kernel and server are not in the same env (or not on the same host)
Sylvain Corlay
Nov 17 2016 15:41
@minrk although the extension builder mechanism for jupyter lab seems better in that regard.
Min RK
Nov 17 2016 15:47
It definitely is. We just need to figure out the best way to do split installs of the front end part in one env and the kernel part in another, and make sure that the Frontend can have several versions of the same package in the env.
This would be impossible to get wrong if it were one package in one env.