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Dec 2016
Johan Mabille
Dec 02 2016 16:50
@minrk It seems that ipykernel only publishes code input and kernel status messages on the iopub channel (although the spec mentions other message types). Is it expected or did I miss something ?
I mean I can't find in the code where execution results are published for instance
Min RK
Dec 02 2016 17:11
@JohanMabille ipykernel sends several messages on iopub - display_data, status, execute_result, stream. Much of this is implemented in the DisplayPublisher object, some in the IOPubThread
Sylvain Corlay
Dec 02 2016 17:17
@JohanMabille @minrk you guys will meet next week in Paris.
Min RK
Dec 02 2016 17:20