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Dec 2016
Dec 05 2016 17:45
ipyparallel question - I've been running ipyparallel on a HPC cluster for the last few months with minor issues, but the IT team is changing MPI modules on the cluster and I was wondering if there is any documentation that talks about compatible MPI modules. For example I have been using: gcc/4.9.3 compiler and mpi-openmpi/1.6.5-gcc but they are removing that openmpi module this week.
Min RK
Dec 05 2016 17:46
@paulmicheletty there shouldn't be any issue with switching MPI modules with ipyparallel. IPython doesn't use MPI directly at all, that would all be in your own code, likely through mpi4py.
The odds are you would need to make sure that mpi4py (and any other packages that directly link mpi) would need to be rebuilt against the new module.
Dec 05 2016 17:47
@minrk alright cool, thanks!