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Dec 2016
Samuel Marks
Dec 30 2016 02:50
My jupyter notebook (Python 2) is pausing when I restart+run-all on a cell that just defines functions. I thought function definitions shouldn't pause for minutes on end to evaluate their definition?
Brian Mingus
Dec 30 2016 19:44
I am struggling to get interactive scatterplots working in Jupyter notebook. Some of my plots have many labels, and so I need the ability to hover over a point and see the label. Existing code and example image here:
I have tried using mpld3 without success. For example, without changing this code and just using %matplotlib inline; import mpld3; mpld3.enable_notebook() the legends did not render correctly.
Sylvain Corlay
Dec 30 2016 20:09
@brianmingus you can check out jupyter interactive widget libraries like bqplot and pythreejs for 3-D