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Jan 2017
andrew giessel
Jan 06 2017 21:13
Hello- I am having a weird error trying to start the jupyter console. I'm running py3.5 using anaconda, and the directory is hosted on a shared partition. On one instance, I can start the console just fine. On another (a different instance type), the kernel hangs and goes into uniterruptable diskIO
I've started jupyter console with --log-level=DEBUG and it gives me error info, which I can pass along
but I'll also point out that if i run the command as root, it starts.
it seems to be timing out in init_kernel_info
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm going to move my .ipython dir and try to force the generation of a new one
andrew giessel
Jan 06 2017 21:18
andrew giessel
Jan 06 2017 21:25
oh, i think this might be because the .ipython dir is being accessed by two different hosts over NFS