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Feb 2017
Feb 02 2017 00:04
even returning a single string, which validate_stb should clearly handle, has no effect
Feb 02 2017 00:13
oh because the docs are a lie
you have to just print whatever you want, returning a list or None makes no difference
run_cell calls self.CustomTB but doesn't capture the return value
it does a lot of work to validate the contents of this list that it throws away
Feb 02 2017 00:29
this has the annoying side effect of meaning that you have to reimplement a lot of the color choosing mechanics to make sure that your output is supported in all viewers
well maybe I can steal the current scheme table from the existing InteractiveTB horrible could that be
Adam Ginsburg
Feb 02 2017 17:13
hey folks, I have a question about history searching with the new python-prompt-toolkit that I posted on stackoverflow: Any chance one of you could have a look?