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Apr 2017
Apr 20 2017 06:51
Hi I am new to Python and IPython, trying to use Jupyter but code completion not working. my OS is Win 10 can someone please help me
Aaron Watters
Apr 20 2017 15:46
Hi @Pratyush3196_twitter -- Please have a look at my js_proxy meta widget in the jp_gene_viz project -- it essentially allows you to load any javascript library and use it from IPython with support for event callbacks, etcetera. To see how it works have a look at for an example of how to load and use HighCharts (a highly featurized js charting package). Binder is down right now, but if it comes up you can navigate to a live demo of the notebook from
Jonathan J. Helmus
Apr 20 2017 17:24
It there a mailing list/twitter/etc that would let me know about upcoming IPython and Jupyter releases before they are released to PyPI and announced? I want to have conda packages available ASAP but currently need to wait until I hear about the release.
Damian Avila
Apr 20 2017 19:01
@jjhelmus , @Carreau has been doing a great job summarizing the dev meeting notes in his weekly messages to the Jupyter Mailing list. But you can directly follow the notes as well... and there is a section (at the end of the notes) where we put some info about upcoming releases: Hope that's helps.