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Jul 2017
Jul 06 2017 15:21
Hi; I am about to publish a ipython extension that illustrates a code snippet under pythontutor
The magic is called %%pythontutor, but I was wondering if there is any naming convention for the python module itself as kown to pypi/pip
I figure that using just pythontutor could be a little rude or misleading to non-jupyter users, is there some sort of convention that I should follow here ?
My best pick so far seems to be ipythontutor, but if all these sort of extensions are already named ipython_something then I would comply
Jul 06 2017 21:35
in the code for a ipython magic I'd need to figure whether the notebook was loaded under http or htpps
I understand it's a long shot, but is there any angle I could try and do that ?