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Nov 2017
Lesley Cordero
Nov 10 2017 20:19

for this issue: ipython/ipython#5887

it's unclear to me whether we want it to change the behavior of the code so that when a is printed out in the example, it prints 42 or if we want the changed a to be printed out. so for example, when i changed a to 45 inside the shell and then exited, it printed 42 still.

Min RK
Nov 10 2017 21:49
Yes, the immediate goal is to document the limitation that changes in the interactive namespace do not modify the embedded scope.
It would probably be nice if the calling scope could be modified, but that’s complicated, so clearly documenting that this is not what happens is a good start.
J Forde
Nov 10 2017 21:55
@minrk could you review the pr associated with that issue?