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Nov 2017
Nov 14 2017 20:23
Hey; a student of mine uses ipython 6.2.1 and he reports an error upon startup that reads The history saving thread hit an unexpected error (UnicodeEncodeError('utf-8', "'\udcc3\udca9t\udcc3\udca9'", 1, 3, 'surrogates not allowed')).History will not be written to the database.
this is whenever he types non-ascii characters; his computer seems to be properly configured to use utf-8
in this case he typed "été" that's utf-8 encoded as b'\xc3\xa9t\xc3\xa9'
I have no idea why surrogates would be needed in this context
anyways, it that rings any bell.. Should I advise to rollback to an older version ?
this is on an iMac