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Nov 2017
Nov 29 2017 16:00
can we add CI tests in qtconsole for py3.6 and nightly builds ? i would do it myself, but i am not really familiar with the code. It would make me feel a bit more secure about future updates to the project
Nov 29 2017 16:06
I'm thinking we can sort so the major versions get built first. Note that travs is still using 3.5.3 for 3.5 which is riddled with critical bugs. that's why we have to be explicit about 3.5.4
  fast_finish: true
    - python: "3.6"
    - python: "2.7"
    - python: "3.5.4"
    - python: "3.4"
    - python: nightly
if someone is going to open a pull request, pls mention me
or if anyone can tell me what this result means "FAIL: Test displaying output from other clients." in nosetests, i can do it myself