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Jan 2018
Maarten Breddels
Jan 17 2018 09:45
i'm happy to open an issue for this, but not sure which repo, to lets start here, say I have this:
class Test:
    def _ipython_key_completions_(self):
        return ['schaap', 'blaat']
test = Test()
I expect test['s<tab>'] to give me schaap as an option (sorry for my dutch)
in the notebook, I also get things like set/slice as option, and in the ipython repl it does not list this
I'm running ipykernel=4.6.1 (4.7 tab completion has more issues) and ipython 6.2.1
I expect this to only list the two values as options, or is this more complex?
Jason Grout
Jan 17 2018 21:44
I wonder if this is related to jupyterlab/jupyterlab#3672
which also brings up the point of lots of extraneous things in a string completion