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Feb 2018
Feb 28 2018 10:54
hello,anyone here
Feb 28 2018 11:30
yes, i am here

easy question 😁

Guy Sviry
Feb 28 2018 22:17
Does anyone know about a twisted-based jupyter kernel (instead of the tornado based one in IPyKernel)?
Brian E. Granger
Feb 28 2018 23:17
I don't
We tried twisted for kernel development long ago - because it does all networking in python, if a user's code grabs the GIL and blocks, all networking stops :(
ZeroMQ does all network queuing and sending in a separate thread that is not in python and doesn't hold the GIL
Its magic :sparkles:
Guy Sviry
Feb 28 2018 23:19
But I need twisted's async io
with processes, in windows
Brian E. Granger
Feb 28 2018 23:21
You could probably integrate the tornado and twisted event loops
I would guess someone has done that
I even thought that Twisted could use the tornado event loop
So maybe you can just get this working with our standard kernel?