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Mar 2018
Min RK
Mar 13 2018 10:14
What sort of hooking-into do you want to do?
Remi Rampin
Mar 13 2018 17:51
Just want to get those objects. I am writing my own web-app with its own frontend. Using _repr_*_ is a very easy and extensible way for me to render "rich objects", but some things know to use IPython's display() and it doesn't seem like I can hook into that without providing a whole InteractiveShell
looking into this more this is not actually how MPL renders into the notebook (MPLBACKEND is how) so maybe that's not as important as I thought
Brett Naul
Mar 13 2018 21:37
not sure if this is a bug but is it expected that Ctrl+R search has a much shorter memory than IPython's history (e.g. %history -g)?