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Apr 2018
Brian E. Granger
Apr 02 2018 15:43
True, but that API is wrapped by an asynchronous one with all the event loop stuff.
Bryan Van de Ven
Apr 02 2018 23:50
@ellisonbg there seems to be a regression in pretty printing for metaclasses in 6.3.0: ipython/ipython#11066 do you have any suggestions for workarounds that might work on all versions?
Bryan Van de Ven
Apr 02 2018 23:57

actually doing something like this works for 6.2.1 and 6.3:

printer = _BokehPrettyPrinter(stream, verbose, max_width, newline)
printer.singleton_pprinters[id(self)] = lambda obj, p, cycle: self._repr_pretty(p, cycle)

How far back is singleton_pprinters safe to assume?