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Apr 2018
Szabolcs Horvát
Apr 06 2018 09:18
I mean, to display like that automatically when simply evaluating a variable that contains a graph. The point is not to have to explicitly visualize them.
Guy Sviry
Apr 06 2018 11:10
I have a question about the jupyter wire protocol: In the stream message ( stdout/stderr might contain binary data, how should I encode it into the json?
Apr 06 2018 20:25

Hello guys please i want to resize the main frame from within my class. I tried using height and width of tk.Frame but still doesn't have effect on the main frame

main = tk.Tk( )
main.geometry( "1000x500" )
main.mainloop( )

class StudentLogin( tk.Frame ):

def __init__( self, parent, controller ):
    tk.Frame.__init__( self, parent )

    self.window = tk.Frame( self, bg = Colors['NBlue'] )
    self.window.grid( column = 0, row = 0, pady = 5, sticky = 'NESW' )
    self.window.grid_propagate( 1 )
    self.window.configure( width = 1600, height = 870 )                                  # height and width to resize main geometry
Apr 06 2018 21:04
Hello guys thanks i solved it already
Bryan Van de Ven
Apr 06 2018 22:19
@prinxy FYI this is not really the right place at all for TK questions, this room is for ipython