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Aug 2018
Min RK
Aug 08 2018 09:09
Anything IPython related is fine
@yarikoptic that info generally isn’t available to kernels
Martin Rosenberg
Aug 08 2018 18:23
Is there anything like a cell identifier? notebooks allow you to edit old cells, and I'd like to keep track of which cells have been re-used.
partially relatedly, is there any way for a kernel to store some data on a per-notebook level which can be read back in when a kernel is started on that notebook in the future?
Nathan Goldbaum
Aug 08 2018 22:39
hi all - maybe @minrk in particular? there's an ongoing spam attack (it's really gross, awful stuff related to the qanon conspiracy theory) on freenode that is affecting the #ipython channel. would someone who is publicly involved with ipython be interested in working with freenode staff to get the channel registered with the project and (pretty please, thank you) make me operator? That way I can change the settings to suppress the spam. The best way is to mail with a request to register. For matplotlib they asked tom caswell to push a branch with a randomly chosen name to the matplotlib repo to prove tom is who he says he is, you'd need to do something similar.
people definitely do still use #ipython to ask questions
about ipython and jupyter in general
Once you register you can make me operator and I'll be able to manage things
I'm already doing that for #scipy, #numpy, and soon #matplotlib
i'm ngoldbaum on freenode