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Aug 2018
Martin Rosenberg
Aug 12 2018 00:00
I'm writing a kernel, I'd like the kernel to choose a default name that it gets installed as, rather than 'python3'. Is this possible? (I cannot imagine that it doesn't)
hrm, it looks like it shouldn't be doing that.
Martin Rosenberg
Aug 12 2018 00:08
that did not come even close to doing what I wanted it to.
that's the problem.
Aug 12 2018 00:20
do you konw how to solve it thanks
Martin Rosenberg
Aug 12 2018 00:30
That's from just typing it in?
Min RK
Aug 12 2018 19:24
looks like 'smart' quotes got in there instead of simple straight quotes. Try deleting the quotation marks and retyping them.