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Oct 2018
Oct 05 2018 16:42
@minrk (or anybody else... Looking over some chat history, @minrk seems familiar with object serialization) I see in jupyter_client that msgpack is mentioned as an alternative serializer. I've found I can embed a kernel and change the serializer to msgpack (with a little patching because of datetime issues) by setting kernel.session.packer and kernel.session.unpacker appropriately. What I find interesting is that in there are six calls to json_clean. Does the base class incorrectly assume the serializer will be json, or is json_clean incorrectly named, and the "cleaning" needs to be done in all cases and has nothing to do with the choice of serialization? Something seems wrong here.
Martin Rosenberg
Oct 05 2018 20:48
I'm pretty sure minrk is familiar with everything in ipython/jupyter