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Oct 2018
Guy Sviry
Oct 19 2018 15:12
How do I trigger a frontend (notebook/conesole for example) to request inspection while using forign kernels?
In python, doing func? seems to work, but if I run ijavascript for example, console.log? throws an exception.
Guy Sviry
Oct 19 2018 21:17
I investigated the code and apparently jupyter console for example does not send inspect_request. The kernel itself decides that a given code input needs inspection, and returns the docs through the deprecated payload option. Why is that?
Paul Ganssle
Oct 19 2018 23:08
Any maintainers want to make a decision about the behavior of #11272?
I laid out some options, and it's relatively easy to fix once a choice is made. If you pick an option I think the reporter will file a PR, though it could also be marked as a good first issue.