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Mar 2019
Chris Knorowski
Mar 14 16:31

Hey All, I'm trying to debug why my tab completion isn't working for some objects in my jupyter notebook or ipython. Can someone point to me to where I should look to debug something like this.
I'm doing something unconventional, and I'm guess that is why it isn't working. It was however working in the past, so I'm thinking some changes to the way ipython is handling the populating of the autocomplete is whats causing the problem

class Client()
    def project(self):
     """The active project"""
         return self._project

    def project(self, name):
        self._project = Project(self, name)

the object is something like this. After the Client object is instansiated and the project is created
client = Client()
client.project = "Test Proejct"
client.project. <tab>
isn't filled with the objects that I should be able to inspect

Chris Knorowski
Mar 14 17:40
ok, I found the issue is with jedi. disabling jedi works.