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    Dr .Muhammad Anjum Iqbal
    @mtesseracted hi sir, need some help plz
    @shuvrobiswas hi sir, i need some help plz
    @vanvictorlim hi sir, I need some help plz
    @basnijholt sir, are you there ? plz i need some help plz
    Dr .Muhammad Anjum Iqbal
    Please is there any one who can help me happily
    @albertcamin hi plz are you there , can help me plz?
    Dr .Muhammad Anjum Iqbal
    I am just new user
    for python, following is a crop simulation model and is written in python
    Sir, I want to know from where it should be started to understand and how I can rum in my note book
    how I can start please help me in this matter
    Dr .Muhammad Anjum Iqbal
    in my p.c already Python 3.5.2 and I want to update it new one which is python 3.7 version . how I can update it ?
    Florian Magin
    I am currently trying to write a plugin for Binary Ninja to embed an IPython Kernel into the process environment of the application (to access the APIs and current state that are otherwise just available via a pretty bad custom interpreter they provide).
    It works for Python 2, but for Python 3 the kernel only seems to start, indicated by the the kernel-*.json file being dropped in /run/user/1000/jupyter and then not responding to the console trying to connect
    Florian Magin
    The issue might be related to jupyter/jupyter_console#163 , at least the traceback I get when trying to connect is fairly similiar
    My question is: What can I do to debug this? Starting the kernel messes with stdout/stderr of the application and breaks the internal console so I might not be getting all error messages
    Dr .Muhammad Anjum Iqbal
    Hi colleagues , when I opened my jupyter file I got the meassage of "500 : Internal Server Error" but before this files were working , why this error message ?
    Todd A. Anderson
    I have started an mpi ipcluster. then in ipython I do cluster=ipyparallel.Client(profile='mpi'). Then I do dview = cluster[:]. On that line I get the error NoEnginesRegistered: Can't build targets without any engines.
    Adam Ginsburg

    I'm trying to start an ipython notebook on a server, and as soon as I open an actual notebook, the server freezes. With --debug enabled, the last thing I see is:

    [D 12:24:05.661 NotebookApp] Starting kernel: ['/lustre/naasc/users/aginsbur/anaconda/bin/python', '-m', 'ipykernel_launcher', '-f', '/users/aginsbur/.local/share/jupyter/runtime/kernel-16ac5137-2e89-4c1b-b31f-6327bcbd5967.json']
    [D 12:24:05.665 NotebookApp] Connecting to: tcp://

    after which the server is totally frozen and doesn't respond to anything, including ctrl-c; I have to kill -9 to end the process

    Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong, or how to figure it out? Regular ipython sessions work fine, loading other files (txt, png, etc) from the notebook server work, but not starting a notebook kernel.
    Dr .Muhammad Anjum Iqbal
    Hi i DO NOT KNOW , it is proper platform about my problem ! but if any body knows . please let me know . my question is "to get R in python for window "
    Dr .Muhammad Anjum Iqbal
    Hi Dears

    Sir, this website is not working ? why?


    Hi, I'm trying to run this program:
    song = input("Tell me your favorite song: ")
    But everytime I run the program and write a name for the input shows up that the "name i wrote" is not definied
    Someones can help me please?
    Min RK
    @runaway-xfce input is the right line in Python 3, but if you are using Python 2, you want raw_input. input evaluates the text you input, so e.g. 5 becomes the number 5 instead of the text '5'
    Hello, I am trying to get JupyterLab running on Ubuntu, but I am getting IPython errors with "NameError Traceback (most recent call last)"
    "NameError: name 'XXXXX' is not defined" no matter what I do, the code works perfectly in R
    Alex Gaudio
    Hello. I'm new to this channel and hoping someone can help with this question: I use IPython with "vi" mode. How can I add a configuration to enable "C-a" to move to beginning of line while in insert mode? I have this setting in my inputrc, but IPython does not read the inputrc file anymore. Thank you!
    Hello everyone.
    Does anybody know if there is a way to get the cell tag (from the cell metadata) by using IPython ?
    Thanks in advance
    Jeff Zhang
    Hi everyone, where can I find the display protocol of jupyter notebook. especially on how jupyter update the cell output in streaming scenario. Thanks
    Min RK
    @zjffdu that's defined in the jupyter messaging protocol
    Hello, I have a question regarding Pycharm integration. Are you able to get IPython completion in PyCharm IDE?
    I mean, I wrote my own completer by @complete_object, and it's not completing (even in PyCharm console)
    shaik sumiya
    i have installed anaconda3.7.6 version but i am unable to access jupyter notebook. its showing permission to port denied. can u please help me
    Sidafa Conde
    @shaiksumiya_gitlab post the error
    Carlos del Cacho Vicente
    hello, one quick question. How can I run some R lines at startup in IRKernel to customize the kernel for my users? In the Python kernel, I can pass a --config parameter with my extra options, but this does not seem to be available for R.
    Dear Jupyter Experts, I installed statsmodels using pip with satisfaction in python. I have been trying to install statsmodels in Jupyter Notebook to run, however got ModuleNotFoundError. Can anyone help please? thank you.

    ModuleNotFoundError Traceback (most recent call last)

    <ipython-input-1-085740203b77> in <module>
    ----> 1 import statsmodels.api as sm
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'statsmodels'

    I was puzzled that why statsmodels worked smoothly in python, why can't be found in Jupyter Notebook? Is there any step that I might be missing. Thank you in advance.
    Hi. Does anyone know please how to show which kernel iPython is connected to at the moment?
    Jeff Zhang
    Does anyone know what is the mechanism of ipython kernel's KeyboardInterrupt ? I have a backend service which run ipython kernel underneath, and use grpc to communicate with external process. But when I stop the external process, the ipython kernel would raise KeyboardInterrupt. I am very curious how that happens, because I never call any method to trigger KeyboardInterrupt, then how that happens. Could anyone help me ? Thanks
    Min RK
    KeyboardInterrupt is the Python exception raised by the signal handler for SIGINT
    So if "stop the external process" means sending SIGINT, e.g. via ctrl-C, that would happen
    Jeff Zhang

    So if "stop the external process" means sending SIGINT, e.g. via ctrl-C, that would happen

    ipython kernel only use rpc to communicate with other processes, and I don't find any method calls to sending SIGINT, is there any other case that will cause SIGINT ?

    Min RK
    The KernelManager sends SIGINT to the kernel process
    The kernel itself only receives SIGINT
    the signal comes from the notebook server or other parent process
    in a notebook example, an HTTP POST from the browser is handled here which sends SIGINT here
    Jeff Zhang

    the signal comes from the notebook server or other parent process

    My use case is also notebook, I only trigger interprut via this method, but it is never called when the external process is terminated, this make me curious how the interrupt happens, https://github.com/apache/zeppelin/blob/master/zeppelin-jupyter-interpreter/src/main/resources/grpc/jupyter/kernel_server.py#L144

    Min RK
    how is termination implemented? It may be sending SIGINT as part of the polite request to shut down.
    Thomas Aarholt
    In qtconsole, notebook and lab (and regular ipython, but I don't know if it was ever there), I am no longer getting autocomplete upon invoking tab after typing something. I have tried installing in a new conda environment and cleaning out anything old that was under jupyter --path. I am otherwise at a loss as to what to try. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    When I run it I get the following error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/home/al/opt/anaconda3/envs/ece590/bin/psi4", line 287, in <module>
      File "<string>", line 80, in <module>
    NameError: name 'hf_energy' is not defined
    Printing out the relevant lines from the Psithon --> Python processed input file:
                    print('WARNING: SCF calculation failed.')
    -->         molecule.hf_energy = hf_energy
                molecule.nuclear_repulsion = mol.nuclear_repulsion_energy()
                molecule.canonical_orbitals = numpy.asarray(hf_wavefunction.Ca())
                molecule.overlap_integrals = numpy.asarray(hf_wavefunction.S())
                molecule.n_orbitals = molecule.canonical_orbitals.shape[0]
                molecule.n_qubits = 2 * molecule.n_orbitals
    /home/al/opt/OpenFermion-Psi4/openfermionpsi4/_run_psi4.py:226: Warning: No calculation saved. Psi4 segmentation fault possible.