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Dr. Muhammad Anjum
@geophysics91 Dear , are you using spyder successfully and installed completely and successfully?
Eric Wieser

I've a question regarding passing options to embed_kernel. I've tried to use:

import IPython
from traitlets.config import Config
c = Config()
c.InteractiveShell.loop_runner = print

but in the shell, get_ipython().loop_runner is still set to IPython.core.async_helpers._pseudo_sync_runner.

Eric Wieser
^ Reposted as ipython/ipython#12229, probably best not to reply here
Hi. Does anyone know please how to show which kernel iPython is connected to at the moment?
Rich Atkinson
G-day everyone. I'm trying to start an ipython kernel as a standalone process, and then connect to it over zmq from another process and can send it code to execute. I'm struggling to find a clean and working example of how to do this. I've looked at jupyter-client, ipkernel and ipython code, but can't find a working example. SO has lots of examples but they're mostly pre-modern era.
t-summer hi
Brian Ko
Hi everyone, what's the point of display_id in IPython.display?
Next gigi hadid💁
hi everyone
i want to ask if ipython beocme jupter notebook?
when i click to install in ipython it opens jupter instalation
Angus Hollands
@briankosw you can refresh an existing display with a new mime bundle
Steve Baeyen
Hi, I have a conda env nb_conda that i would like to use in Jupyter lab. I activated the nb_conda env and installed quast and shovill + "ipykernel install --user --name=quast_shovill", then deactivated the env, restarted Jupyter Lab , but i cannot choose the kernel. Anyody knows what i am doing wrong (installations by sysadmin with root priviliges). Could it be the --user parameter in ipykernel install ?
Sandeep Gupta
does anyone know what is the best way of getting help from ipython magics.
e.g. if I want to see all the options of %run line magic.
Sandeep Gupta
argh, one can simply do %run? to get the help.
Dr. Muhammad Anjum
@skgbanga hi dear do you know about get_variable method?
Sandeep Gupta
I do not. what is that?
Dr. Muhammad Anjum
@skgbanga i just saw the code , it was written there
geeky_gecko Good evening.

testiosis Hi
Please assume I'm a newbie.
I want to learn python (widely used) and rust (everyone hypes it).
What I want to do:
1) Write "macros" for excel and word. Maybe including outlook. (For work)
2) Write really small apps for android(+iphone?) (menu with buttons triggering "hello world", calculate missing variable of equations {f=ma}, search a list)
3) Maybe even 3d games (i will never do those, but I want to make something like )

What I am asking for:
A) A recommendation for an ide like kivy https://alternativeto.net/software/kivy/ or what to install (even OS)
B) That can make android, iphone, windows, linux apps from the same source base https://alternativeto.net/software/beeware/
C) A tutorial for making a "hello world" app for android as fast as possible. (Proof of concept)

What are my problems:
I) A while ago I made a python online course. And then I had no clue how to do anything useful. (For example, where could a write a loop to change all names in a directory. And what I needed to install to do that,)
Ii) installing the software. I wasted days trying to install kivy and beeware on ubuntu 20.04. That failed, no clue if it was even my fault.
III) Not enough time -_-

PS I hate writing macros in VBA or trying to avoid it with long excel function use and changing the layout of the document. But that shortened my workload about 16h a month (2 workdays). And don't get me started on excel forgetting my local links (unless you put a point . In a specific setting menu you wouldn't even know existed if you didn't google it)

I have an iPhone 6s, and would like to make apps for it on a linux machine.

Dr. Muhammad Anjum
Hi Any one is there ??
Dr. Muhammad Anjum
hi please
@skgbanga hi sir , I am beginner in ubuntu and python .@anjumuaf123_twitter
I need some help to open jupyter notebok in ubuntu
I followed these instructions https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-jupyter-notebook-with-python-3-on-ubuntu-18-04
for installation and to create python virtual environment for jupyter
and same codes and names of directory and others
testiosis What's the prob?
Hello, I built a Python plugin for display machine state.
Would anyone try and give me some feedback? Thanks a lot ~
Hello all
Hello all
I want to get list of %load_ext modules , looked some places in ipython.magic and core dirs but could not find any solution or function to get all modules. sys.modules gives all the libraries which is not neccessary. How can I get list of %load_ext??
2 replies
Andreas Mueller
Hey! quick question, is there an alternative way to hook into the autocomplete that is not __dir__? and/or is there a way to change the order in the autocomplete?
Min RK
Not currently, I believe. Do you have a specific use case in mind? Since objects come from multiple sources, e.g. set(dir(obj)) | set(dir(obj.__class__)), ordering is enforced to be alphabetical.
Min RK
However, completions that come from jedi may be grouped by type in the UI, I believe
Andreas Mueller
Thanks @minrk! Well, basically I'm trying to make suggestions better for my particular use-case (which is data-science related, shocker). I want nice autocomplete in notebooks. If you look at autocomplete in IDEs, they are ranked by relevance which makes it much more likely that you can do <tab><return> to finish the command. Hm jedi is pretty deeply integrated in ipython, right? I figure I could monkey-patch ipython but that seems not very sustainable ;) I could try to hook into Jupyter but I would love it to work across different notebook implementations, so IPython would be the easiest place to do it.
Michał Krassowski
But if you just want to add new suggestions you could use complete_command hook I believe get_ipython().set_hook('complete_command', your_func, re_key='.*')
Andreas Mueller
Thanks @krassowski. The reason I was looking at ipython was that I'd love to have this work across front-ends. I'm at Microsoft these days and having this work in their web interfaces as well as VSCode and JupyterLab and classic notebook would be great ;) I'll look at those extensions though, thanks! It's a bit unfortunate that there is no more homogeneous plug-in ecosystem for the frontends right now :-/
6 replies

Hey IPython developers :) thanks for all your awesome work.

Recently I've been trying out some GUI based workflows in Jupyter, and I've hit some stumbling blocks around asyncio. Where I get deadlocks when trying to wait on Comm events. As it turns out the kernel will do process one message at a time. Since running a cell creates a message, and waiting for a Comm depends on a message, the kernel will hang if I try to wait for a Comm in a cell.

I thought the problem would be somewhat intractable, but actually I think it's quite simple to solve. I'm happy to do it myself. I think all I would need to do is to treat Comm events as a special case that can send asynchronous messages. I think this makes sense, because the other message types are definitely synchronous (like execute_request); but Comm events are not. For example, cell execution obviously needs to happen atomically; but should a button click really be blocked by another cell doing an await asyncio.sleep()?

Happy to do this work myself, as I've spent quite a bit of time figuring out how IPython works. Just wondering what you all think :)


Hey all,

Quick question: how do I add custom kernels to the registry of kernels Jupyter can use? Is there a hook for that?

So, for instance, when I install xeus-python, how does Jupyter know it's installed?


Cool found it :)

Sorry should have searched more. I suppose disperate docs is the side effect of splitting everything up into different concerns.

5 replies
ipython, jupyter, jupyter-client, ipykernel, ends up being a lot.


I think I've done something kinda cool and opens up some possibilities with IPython.

Hey I've written a pull request, that I think could be really useful for IPython. ipython/ipykernel#589
That fixes the issue I described in my earlier messages.
However, I'm getting test failures on (ubuntu, 3.6) and (macos, pypy3), but not on (macos, 3.6) or (ubuntu pypy3). I'm really struggling to reproduce them locally.
Is this an issue with the tests or my code?
Ah, it's just flakey. Rerunning the tests.
Some sort of timeout, maybe the github ci runners share some state.
A few months ago I work on a plugin for supporting 'cells' in a regular .py file
I was hoping somebody might give input or comment on its usefulness: https://github.com/UIUC-SINE/ipython-cells