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Leo Hrabovetskyi
@YShinkarev_twitter question was almost month ago)
I was solve it at the same day month ago)
I even create a PR with example to npm packege, but author is missing)
Maksim Tsipun
Hi! I made menu button, but their size is very big. How i can make a little button?
Maksim Tsipun
Ok, I found)) resize_keyboard:true
Hi , Do you know a library to add users to a Telegram group??

i want to make "twitter notifier" using telegram-bot-sdk.
my bot can say "hello world". ( https://python-telegram-bot.org/ )

but can't say "hello world" himself.
he can only say response at "/start"

please tell me how to fix it?

@negative23 Hello. If you already installed this package. You can read about creating first project here: https://telegram-bot-sdk.readme.io/docs/initial-setup
Hello. How to return back from sub-subkeyboard to level up?
I trying make navigation.
First variant: write last position in navigation to DB.
Hello. Anybody there?
@irazasyed Hello. How to use your command system? How to respond for /help command?
@irazasyed Can you make 'Hello World' example with Command System?
@irazasyed I have read all docs
saeed sajadi
hello everyone
i want to use telegram api to send message fo my contacts without bot
i googled this but every where is just telegram bot.
how can i make a simple telegram application by php?
someone can help me?
I have a error and don't know how to catch it
error solved
Mehrdad K
hi all, does anyone know how to register the phone number to given bot so , that bot only respond to registered phones
i am laravel developer .
how to handle bot commands in laravel project and register web hook?
pls help me.
Mehrdad K
hi , does anyone here has experience to set up webhook
Jack Northrup
Anyone here ?
Hi there, I have a question. Do you know if using the Telegram Bot API, the bot can join a private invite-channel? I need to parse some messages into flat files, but I was warned that I should use Client API, so now I am confused.
Can someone comment on this please?
Some people?
I have a question for you
Phong Bui
how are you?
I have some question on telegram bot
I am making telegram chat bot with only read message from channel
do you have any solution?
Vasu Ratanpara
Hello when will v3.0 release?
Make It Count
Hiring a developer who can build telegram bot (remote position, full-time/part-time). Anyone? Devs with open source contribution are preferred
DM me, I will share the complete details
Masab Ahmad
hi all
i am new to laravel and i had made a laravel app that will contain ads
i want to show that ads on my telegram group with the help of my telegram bot
what should i do?
i am trying this code in my routes/web.php file but its not works
Route::get('bot/sendphoto', function() {
'chat_id' => '930289605',
'photo' => 'https://images.hdqwalls.com/wallpapers/4k-new-iron-man-2019-od.jpg',
'caption' => 'Iron Man Pic'
return 'Congrats! Your image has been sent successfully';
on the other hand the sendMessage will be working properly
can anyone help me?
Masab Ahmad
Anyone can tell me about Cron Job in telegram
Screenshot 2020-12-10 16:26:45.png
Hi everyone, How to send data with textarea
@irazasyed Hi

Good Day

Do telegram support signature to validate webhook requests?