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Repo info
    Nathan Fox
    @reem is iron/cookie still active? Looks like travis failed 6 months ago and hasn't been touched since
    Jonathan Reem
    @fuchsnj it's sort of just had low priority for me to fix it but if you or anyone else wants to take up fixing it I would be thrilled.
    basically it's been broken for so long that the job is large enough that the effort/reward just hasn't been low enough for me recently compared to other stuff I can do for iron
    Brendan Graetz
    Do we have an example of a web app using iron anywhere? I'm specifically looking for one that talks to a database and implements CRUD operations on it.
    reem: Weird. When I make arequest to a certain router url everything works fine the first time. But the second time I make a request to that route I get "No matching route found.". At first I thought restangular was screwing up but chrome has the ability exactly replay a certain request and that also fails. Important to note: After reloading the page everything work again one single time. Also repeatedly
    curling works without problems. I assume the problem might have to do with keep-alive connections again :(
    reem: wrk reports: "Non-2xx or 3xx responses: 42497"
    I'll try to upgrade iron and to set up a minimal test case before complaining any further
    How do I serve html?
    let mut headers = Headers::new();
    let mut response = Response::with((
        status::Ok, buffer));
    response.headers = headers;
    Maybe add such an example? This was hard to find for me. Also maybe add a convenience function for just creating a html response?
    Hi, I want to build a restful api. But I've confronted with some basic http and URL knowledge.
    For example, if i have a model named User, its restful root URL is : [host]/api/v1/users. Then i want to get some user's information filtered by fields of id and age. My questions are:
    Are the query strings placed in the iron::request::Request object or in the route?
    How can i realize it?
    Please help me. Thanks
    Is there any way to modify the Response body after creating it with a Response::with?
    The Writer is just very abstract...
    I'll just encaps the html instead,...
    Is there a way to shut the server thread down?
    Oh found: .close on iron::Listening
    Flavius Aspra
    @reem hi. would you have time to help me out with something regarding iron/persistent? I've asked everywhere on irc, noone could really help, and I noticed you're the top contributor to that project. I would really appreciate your help, and the project is open-source so it could benefit more people if it worked properly
    hi is there any url patterning middleware available for iron?
    Ian Henry
    Ivaylo Petrov Ivanov
    Hey guys - new to rust :D
    so I tried iron
    however, using ab, the results are quite modest..
    Requests per second: 9040.24 [#/sec] (mean)
    on the very same machine I got 43k with go lang
    I would assume that I'm not doing it correctly
    and building with cargo build
    is it correct?
    Ivaylo Petrov Ivanov
    sorry, was missing the --release flag
    David Ross
    Yep - that makes a huge difference! How were the results with --release?