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hey @irvinebroque . I think I can describe it here easily than on twitter. So, Ember-cli (http://www.ember-cli.com/) does a lot for you. They also started with plain git repo to learn on what structure they/we want/need. ember-cli is command line program that generates basic app structure (directories and files) and supports environments like development server, proxying, build step (minification and cache busting of assets), and lot's of stuff, it's great.
Brendan Irvine-Broque
hmmm...I'll have to look into it, but a lot of it feels solved by NPM scripts like npm run dev, npm test, etc.
The part that might be helpful about a CLI is writing boilerplate code
but what is the most important i think is, that they have an upgrade process, when they release new ember-cli and you can stay up to date with it running ember init inside your project. cause now if the boilerplate is just gh repo you can quickly stay behind the project and only get new structure when starting from scratch. example: i start new project from isomorphic-hot-loader today and in meantime you upgrade it to use mach instead of express ... which change some of the js files that are inside your project and i need to merge these even though i don't know details about code you've written. so ember-cli is basically a wrapper of project structure and encapsulation of all moving parts that can be blackboxed so the end user doesn't need to worry about them. i didn't do my best description, but i hope it helps and you can see value of this. this is something i really miss in react.js community at the moment and ember's cli is currently best thing ever :) we might not need so much functionality that ember-cli provides, but still, basic blueprint and building process with cache busting i think is a must. most of this is solvable with webpack anyway, but having neat project where community agrees on best practices is great; otherwise everyone is inventing their new wheel
Brendan Irvine-Broque
ah, got it. Honestly I don't really expect anyone to stay up-to-date or feel beholden to a starter kit, but maybe I should rethink that a bit
For me a lot of the starter kit is just to keep some boilerplate around for starting a new project, and to have something to send new people trying React for the first time
I'll look into the CLI tonight though, thanks!
yeah i kinda agree. we can keep it simple and since you don't start few new projects every day is good enough. np
Matthew R. Scott
i personally like the variety that currently exists in the reactjs space, but the community aspect of something like ember-cli has its advantages too. there is a plugin ecosystem surrounding it for example.
Jonathan Thomas
Been awhile since anyone posted here but I've got all these console statements from socket.io in the dev console. I tried adding quite: true to the webpack dev server config but there's still a ton of them. Anyway to remove them?
"engine.io-client:socket starting upgrade probes +1ms" for example tens of time
makes debugging on the console harsh