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    [slack] <github> Release - 4.0.23
    • Remove debugging leftover
    Isomorfeus Robot
    [slack] <github> https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/compare/b289d177f384...6356fc219ccd pushed to https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/tree/master
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@8991c46 - Delete unused.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@b3a2564 - Prepare for React Native.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@2212cbc - Refactor component resolution, fixing bug, call native components from wrapper.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@6356fc2 - Use recommended way to render components from router.
    Isomorfeus Robot
    [slack] <github> https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/compare/6356fc219ccd...648624281565 pushed to https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/tree/master
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@7b23812 - No more RubyMine
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@753bd0b - Update preact
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@565cbc9 - Fix merge_deep bug
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@3449306 - Improve hot reloading, provide hot reloading for themes.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@c53a217 - Repair a component resolution bug spec and fixtures.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@489c857 - Improve component resolution for one more case with spec.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@6486242 - REmove jsdom, update puppeteer
    [slack] <github> Release - 16.13.7
    • Repair Component resolution issues
    • Improve performance a bit
    • Prepare for Isomorfeus Professional
    [slack] <github> Release - 16.13.8
    • Repair a problem with Hot Reloading on React Native
    Isomorfeus Robot
    [slack] <github> https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/compare/27b3f7b434c4...18e95fbf8051 pushed to https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/tree/master
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@c0229db - Tune state access a tiny bit.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@242ca0b - Tune props access a tiny bit.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@4e7a064 - Tune prop conversion significantly.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@63c206e - Use React.memo as wrapper for Lucid Components.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@dd9c9e0 - Tune sCU for Lucid
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@18e95fb - Tune internal_render.
    Isomorfeus Robot
    [slack] <github> Release - 16.13.9
    • Performance improvements
    [slack] <github> Release - 13.19.10
    • Sacrifice a super tiny bit of performance in favor of correct ruby semantics and reducing code duplication.
    Isomorfeus Robot
    [slack] <github> https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/compare/6fb06157113d...42e9feb48626 pushed to https://github.com/isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react/tree/master
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@5d01151 - Document Paper installation and Paper Component, update Material Component docs.
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@39390e6 - Increase allowed asset size a bit
    isomorfeus/isomorfeus-react@42e9feb - Allow method_ref to pass args
    Isomorfeus Robot
    Isomorfeus Robot